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Medical Scissors

Medical scissors are designed for use by medically trained professionals in clinics and hospitals. The scissors are used for cutting various materials such as sutures, bandages, skin, plasters and clothing. A trauma scissors or utility scissors is for example very suitable for use in the emergency room.

Use of Medical Scissors

Medical scissors can be used for various purposes. But there are also scissors that are specifically suitable for one purpose. That can for example be the cutting of skin tissue or the cutting of bandages. The most commonly used scissors are the lister bandage scissors and the trauma scissors, also known as utility scissors.

Curved and straight edge scissors

Different nursing scissors are available with curved or straight edges. A scissors with curved edges is very useful when you need to cut a circle or curve. For example, an ostomy scissors has a curved edge to neatly cut the skin plate. A dressing scissors with straight edges is very suitable for cutting gauze bandage. It is very important to know beforehand which scissors you need to make sure you are using the right one.

Dull edge scissors

Patient safety is always very important when working with scissors. That's why there are dressing scissors with a dull point. The dull point protects the patient from the scissors punctering the skin when cutting bandage or clothing.

Sharp edge scissors

Scissors with two sharp edges are suitable for precise cutting. For example, a suture scissors has curved blades with each a sharp edge. This makes it easier to access sutures. An iris scissors also has two sharp points to cut very precisely.

Left handed medical scissors

We have a large range of medical scissors for left handed people. Most popular are the left handed Lister and dressing scissors. A Mayo and iris scissors is also available for left handed.


A kelly forceps is a medical instrument used for squeezing or firmly gripping materials. The teeth allow the forceps to be locked in place so that it cannot open. Forceps are used in various departments of a hospital. For example, an IV tube can be blocked with it. In the operating room, forceps are also often used to place gauzes and wipes.

Scissors sets

Scissors sets are available in different colors and print. A popular scissors set for nurses is a set with a Lister bandage scissors, dressing scissors and a kelly forceps. There are also other sets with scissors available at NursesDNA.

Who uses which scissors?

Medical scissors can be used by everyone. They are usually used by nurses, caregivers, and doctors. Depending on what you have to do, it is important to decide in advance if the scissors are suitable for the job.

Have a look at all the special nursing scissors in our assortment so that you can buy the right scissors for your needs.