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Medical bags

Bags for healthcare professionals come in a variety of models. Medical bags can be divided into doctor bags, nursing bags and first aid bags. Medical bags are made of sturdy material that can take a knock. The bags have a practical layout with a large main compartment for stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers. The bag also often has several smaller side pockets for smaller instruments such as bandage scissors, clamps, forceps, bandaid and plasters. Medical bags are mainly used by general practitioners, nurses who work in home care or who work in many different locations. They are also used by first aid personnel and volunteers.

Nursing bag

A bag for nursing is usually sturdy yet lightweight. The bag has several compartments for all kinds of instruments that a nurse needs during his or her work. Thanks to the multiple compartments, medical instruments can be neatly arranged and quickly found when they are needed. The nursing bag is available in a variety of sizes so that always a bag can be found that meets the wishes. Popular bags for nurses are the Elitebags Jumble and the Hospitrix shoulder bag. These bags have a shoulder strap which ensures that the bag can be easily carried over the shoulder. A more traditional nursing bag is for example the Durasol Nursingcare.

Doctor bag

A doctor bag is used by a doctor or general practitioner when visiting patients. The doctor's bag is often a more luxurious bag with several compartments for medical instruments and accessories. The bag usually has a handle to carry the bag. There are also bags available with a shoulder strap. The doctor's bag is made of strong and durable material such as leather, artificial leather or polystyrene. Bags for doctors are available in different models. For example, the Elite Bag Doc's is a traditional model, and the Durasol Mobilo bag has trolley wheels for a doctor who travels a lot.

First-aid bag

The first aid bag is a large bag with several compartments and compartments. In the compartments, bandages and medical instruments such as a bandage scissors can be stored. The bag is logically divided so that all necessary items can be easily and quickly found if help is needed for a victim. The bag is often made of extra strong tarpaulin which is also waterproof. Some bags come with two straps so it can be carried as backpack. First aid bags are part of the basic equipment of first aiders and volunteers. The Elite Emergency is a spacious bag with many storage options.

Personalising medical bags

At NursesDNA it is possible to print a logo on medical bags. We can print your logo or name on the bag. The print is wear-resistant. A logo on your medical bag ensures that the bag is easily recognizable and gives it a professional look.