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Medical clogs and shoes

As a nurse, you walk many miles in a day, so it's important to wear the right shoes. By having good shoes on, you will have less sore feet and back at the end of your shift. There are different types of shoes available for healthcare workers, depending on your working environment. If you often bathe patients, for example, shoes that are fluid-proof are handy. Your employer may also have certain requirements for the shoes, such as that they are anti-static or autoclave-resistant.

Nurse clogs 

A popular shoes for healthcare are clogs. They are easy to get on and off and with the higher heel, you get better posture from the back. There are also clogs available with a real wooden footbed and a flexible outsole, so you can roll off your feet well. Clogs are available in leather and plastic.

Slip-on shoes

Slip-ons are shoes with an open heel. They usually have a heel strap that ensures the shoe stays in place, even if you need to suddenly sprint. There are also slip-ons made of genuine leather available which you can wash in the washing machine - very convenient!

Sneaker for nurses

Special sneakers have been designed for use in healthcare. These shoes have the look of a trendy sneaker but offer much comfort and are often easy to clean.

Eva clogs

Plastic clogs made of EVA are ideal for use in the operating room or for showering/washing a patient. These clogs are easy to clean and can get wet. There are even models that are autoclave-safe up to 135 degrees Celsius, killing any bacteria on the clog.

Finding the right model that fits you depends on what you do in healthcare and what you find most comfortable to wear. If you want to look at different models, check them out at NursesDNA.com.