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Organizers and cases for healthcare and nurse

With an organizer or cases for nurses and doctors, you can easily keep all your personal instruments and possessions together. This reduces the likelihood of losing an instrument, such as a nursing scissors, stethoscope, forceps or pen. It also saves time when you don't have to look for your instrument every time.

Organizers with hip belt

An organizer with a hip belt has a strap that can be adjusted to your hip circumference. This makes it easy to carry the organizer with you. Most organizers have different compartments with Velcro or zipper closure. This allows you to store your items safely.

Organizers without belt

In our range you will also find storage cases that have the size of a uniform jacket pocket. These can be easily stored in your pocket. You will be able to keep all the instruments together, they will not be scattered around in your healthcare jacket or coat.