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Medical equipment for healthcare professionals

The personal equipment of nurses and other healthcare professionals includes a variety of different items. The equipment depends on where you are working in healthcare. Someone working in homecare will need different equipment than a nurse in an operating room. The equipment includes a bag, an organizer, badge holders, and personal protection.

Medical bags

Many healthcare professionals have a medical bag for various purposes. If you work in a hospital, a bag for your personal items and lunch is handy. If you are a physician making house calls, a roomy doctor's bag with different compartments is suitable.


A healthcare organizer keeps all your smaller instruments and personal items such as keys and your phone together in one convenient place. Many organizers fit into the pocket of your uniform jacket.

Badge holders

As a nurse, keep your access pass and keys close by by attaching them to a badge holder and retractable id holder. Your cards are securely stored in a plastic cardholder.

Personal protection

Personal protection for healthcare workers includes safety goggles, face masks, aprons, and other products that contribute to protection.