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Medical tuning forks

Tuning forks are an important tool used in medical diagnosis and treatment. A tuning fork is a metal device with two prongs that produce a specific pitch when struck. The pitch produced by a tuning fork is used to assess a person’s hearing, balance, and nerve function. It is also used to detect bone fractures and other medical conditions.

In medical settings, tuning forks are used to test patients’ hearing. The pitch produced by the fork is used to determine whether the patient can hear a certain frequency of sound. Tuning forks are also used to test for balance disorders, such as vertigo.

Tuning forks are an invaluable tool in the medical world. From testing hearing and balance to diagnosing nerve damage, tuning forks play an important role in providing accurate medical diagnoses. In our assortment you will find tuning forks with different frequencies like 128hz, 256hz, 512hz and 1024hz.