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Order & payment methods

Place your order easy and quick at NursesDNA
Place your order easy and quick at NursesDNA by selecting the products of your choice. Add the products to your shopping cart and choose to continue shopping or proceed to checkout. Log in with an existing customer account, create a new customer account or order as guest. Hereafter you can choose your desired payment method. Make sure your order is correct, agree with the terms and conditions and if you would like, you can subscribe to our newsletter (tip: never miss out on our amazing offers). If the details in the overview are correct, you can place the order. You will receive your an order confirmation per email and we will start packing so you will receive the products as soon as possible! 

Secure payments at NursesDNA
NursesDNA has an SSL certificate which means that all customer data is secured. Information can be securely transmitted between the web server and receiver thanks to this Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. With this encrypted connection it is not possible for third parties to capture the sent information.

Payment methods at NursesDNA
We offer most of the popular payment methods. For example;

Credit card
We accept different types of credit cards. After filling in the credit card details you can complete the transaction. We will pack your order for shipment as soon as the payment is authorized. 

With PayPal, you can make secure purchases online in your trusted and secure environment of PayPal. We won't receive your customer details, only a notification that the payment was successful completed. We will ship your order immediately after the payment is processed. 

Bank transfer payment
By bank transfer you can pay the total amount of the order to NursesDNA yourself. After ordering you will receive an order confirmation including our bank details. Please mention the order number in the payment reference for the transfer. Once the payment is credited to our account you will receive the final order confirmation by mail and we will send the order as soon as possible.
The processing of bank transfer payments takes an average 3-4 business days (depending on the bank), which may delay your order. Orders are being shipped after receiving the payment. In case you might be in a hurry, we recommend using another payment method instead of bank transfer.

Klarna - pay after delivery
With 'Klarna afterpay' you pay for your order afterwards as soon as you have received it and have decided to keep it. This way you never pay for what you send back.