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Nurses fob watches

Nurse watches come in different models. We have the largest selection of watches from the well-known brands like Lorus, Swiss Medical, Hospitrix and 1915. Several watches, such as the Lorus  RG253CX9 have a pulscounter on the dial or watch case. This makes it easy to determine the heart rate of a patient.

Swiss Medical medical watches

Swiss Medical watches are the best medical watches in the world. They are handmade in Switzerland with the best materials and components. The Swiss Medical watches are specially designed for doctors and nurses. They have a pulsecounter on the watch case. A very popular model is the Swiss Medical Titanium watch. This watch is made of titanium and has a glass back which makes the movement visible.

Watches with company logo

The watches can be engraved with a name or logo. It is also possible to print a logo in color on the dial face. A nurse fob watch with a logo is the ideal gift to promote hand hygiene within hospitals or healthcare institutions. It is also a suitable gift for the International Nursing Day to put healthcare staff in the spotlight.