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Tourniquet and tourniquets with logo

A tourniquet is an elastic band that prevents the backflow of blood while not impeding the flow of blood to the arm. The tourniquet puts additional pressure on the veins, causing them to swell and making it easier to puncture them to draw blood. NursesDNA has various types of tourniquets, including tourniquets for adults and special pediatric tourniquets used in children. The tourniquets are available in many different colors. There are also tourniquets with prints with all kinds of nursing themes.

Tourniquet with Logo
We can print the tourniquets with a logo in color. This is already possible from one piece. The tourniquet is printed with a wear-resistant logo in color. We supply our tourniquets with logo to hospitals, care institutions and doctors' practices all over Europe. If you would like to personalize the tourniquets with a logo or name, please contact us for more information. It is also possible to supply the tourniquet in the colors of your house style. This way the color of the buckle and the band can be made to your wishes.