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Medical penlights

Penlights are used by medical professionals as a diagnostic tool. They are often used for examining smaller body parts such as the mouth, throat, ears, and eyes. Commonly they are used to check the reaction of pupils to light, the so called pupil test. By shining into the pupil it can be checked if the pupil constricts. Many nurses, doctors and medical staff have a penlight as part of their basic equipment.

Penlight models

The standard type of penlight is a pen-shaped tube with an on and off switch. There are penlights where the switch must be held down to switch on the light bulb. There are also penlights where the light stays on after the on off switch is pressed once. Most penlights nowadays have an LED light, although there are still models with a traditional light bulb.

Penlights are available in various colours at NursesDNA. There are various metal penlights that can be engraved with a name. The 
penlights can also be printed with a logo in colour.