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Medical instruments for healthcare

Check out our wide range of medical instruments for healthcare professionals. NursesDNA is the web shop if you are looking for an instrument for a nurse or doctor. Our extended assortment includes instruments for people who only wants the best, but also for people who want to buy a good quality instrument at a reasonable price. We are dealer of the well-known brands such as Littmann, Heine, Riester. Our brand Hospitrix offers quality medical instruments at a low price.


Our range of stethoscopes is very extensive. We have stethoscopes for a small budget such as the Hospitrix SB12 with a single-sided chest piece. For a slightly larger budget we recommend the popular Littmann Classic III with a double-sided chest piece. Our top model is the LIttmann CORE digital stethoscope with sound amplification. The stethoscopes can be ordered in all kinds of colors.


Medical tourniquets are available in many different colors and prints. The tourniquets can also be printed with a logo. We have a large range of tourniquets for nurses and doctors.

Medical scissors

View our wide selection of medical scissors for nurses and doctors. We have a wide range of conventional scissors such as a bandage scissors or nursing scissors in stock. We also have an extensive selection of special medical scissors such as an iris scissors or left-handed scissors.


A sphygmomanometers is a device to measure blood pressure. Our blood pressure monitors come in different models and types. You can find all models on our website. We have digital and analog sphygmomanometers with a wrist or upper arm cuff. Popular brands including Omron and Riester can be ordered from stock.


Penlights for nurses are available in different models and colors. These pen shaped lights are part of the basic equipment of doctors and nurses. They can be used for different examinations.

Pulse oximeters

A  oximeter can be used to measure the blood saturation noninvasive. This is a handy device that measures the oxygen level in the blood through the fingertip. View our extensive range pulse oximeters on our website.

Medical tuning forks

We have tuning forks in the conventional frequencies in stock. You can order a tuning fork of 128hz, 256hz, 512hz or 1024hz with us.

Reflex hammers

For doctors and nurses we offer different types of reflex hammers. These are available at an attractive price. The reflex hammers can be engraved with a name or logo.