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Nurses fob watches and watches for healthcare

Nurses fob watches or nurse watches are watches for nurses. These watches are not worn on the wrist but attached to clothing or the uniform jacket. A nurses fob watch can have different types of attachments, such as a brooch pin, clip or magnetic attachment. An important feature of a nurses' watch is that the dial is up side down. This makes it easier to read the watch when it is worn on the clothing.
Hand hygiene is very important in the work of nurses in a hospital. A nurses fob watch is not worn on the wrist, so there is much less risk of bacteria transfer to patients. The hands and wrists of a nurse or carer are much easier hygienically washed as there is no wristwatch worn.

Nurse watches models

At NursesDNA you can order many different models of nurse watches in multiple colors. Almost all models have luminous hands so they are easily readable during a night shift. There are also nurse watches with a flashlight. Silicone nurse watches can be easliy cleaned.
We also have straps for Apple and Samsung smart watches. You can easily convert your smart watch into a smart fob watch.

Customize a nurse watch

At our store, you can order a personalized nurse watch. We can engrave the nurse fob watches with your name or print a photo on it. This makes the watch an extra special gift for someone else or just for yourself. It is also possible to customize a nurse watch with a logo. The watch will then be completely tailored to the identity of a hospital or medical clinic. We are happy to explain the possibilities to you in more detail.