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Rectractable badge holder and lanyard for healthcare workers and nurses

Retractable badge holder

A badge holder for nurses has an rectractable cord and clip for attaching keys or a cards. The card can be, for example, an access pass or an identification card. Badge holder are standard round shaped and available in different colors. In our shop you can also find  badge holders  in fun shapes. There are badge holders in the shape of animals such as a duck, monkey, elephant, but we also have badge holders in the shape of a donut. How fun is that! If you work, for example, on a pediatric ward of a hospital, a badge holder in the shape of an animal is very nice for the little patients.

Lanyard and keycord

A lanyard is a flat cord that can be hung around the neck. A lanyard usually has a snap or key ring. A key or card holder can be attached to the lanyard. Very handy so you can't lose it. A lanyard is also called a keycord. At NursesDNA you can order keycords in all kinds of different colors. We also have them with fun prints with nursing themes.

Customize Badge Holders and Keycords

At NursesDNA, you can personalise a badge holder or key cord with a logo. We can also print photos on the badge holders. Order your unique badge holder in our online store. We also print badge holders and keycords for hospitals, businesses, and events. Keycords and badge holders with logos are an excellent way to promote your business and brand, as your logo or business name can be printed on them. When people wear their own keycord or someone else’s, your logo will be seen over and over again, which can create a positive association with your company. It also helps recognise visitors of your company who is staff and who is not.